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Local Elections Set for May

The City of University Park, six residents are hoping to maintain or gain one of the four open Council member seats, the Town of Highland Park has only one contested race, with two candidates vying for the position of Mayor and one HPISD trustee incumbent is being challenged for a place on the school board.

Every two years, all four council seats are open for election in University Park, Texas. No Council member may serve for more than three successive terms, the equivalent of six years of continuous service. Council members are expected to attend regular Council Meetings and to serve as liaisons to various advisory committees. Each Council member has an equal vote on all action taken by the Council.

One intriguing note about this election, is that is an "AT LARGE" election, making it a tricky prospect. ( Congress has banned At-Large voting for all federal elections.) The park cities, both the Town of Highland Park (view HP election information and candidates here) and the City of University Park have a community league who support incumbent candidates ensuring their election. In order to elect a candidate outside the inner circle, residents need to vote for that candidate and THAT CANDIDATE ONLY. While four positions are open on the UP city council, a vote for an incumbent is a vote AGAINST the two candidates not endorsed by the community league. Read more about the pitfalls of at large elections here.

The Town of Highland Park also has a community league who automatically supports incumbent candidates.

The Highland Park ISD Board of Trustees consists of seven members, each of whom has been elected to serve a three-year term. School board members are entrusted with the responsibility of setting policy and promoting educational excellence for Highland Park ISD, and receive no compensation. Elections are conducted annually in May. While candidates run for specific places, they do not represent specific geographical areas.

CPCC encourages all residents to become educated voters.

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