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HPISD: Broken Promises

February HPISD school board meeting, community comments.

More than 20 residents spoke last night at the HPISD local school board meeting. It was standing room only, even after extra chairs were brought into the room. Nearly every speaker received applause during or after their public comments to the board. The common thread from the majority of residents, was to ask the board to PAUSE, RETHINK and ADJUST their current elementary rebuild plans. Concerns of the district’s change in strategic plan to uproot Hyer children for two years rather than just one year sparked the diverse group of residents who spoke.

Comments fell on deaf ears. The board decision, without a trustee vote, was to move forward with the two year displacement of Hyer elementary, despite overwhelming evidence from a resident funded traffic study and travel data compiled by Janet Bennett, showing just how bad that idea really is.

Community members of all ages, from Highland Park and University Park gathered to voice their misgivings. One major theme was the disparity between pre-bond materials and events taking place post bond. Additional topics included decreasing enrollment and decreasing population trends.

Young or old, citizens expressed their disappointment due to broken promises and felt that the district had employed a bait and switch strategy.

following the bond election. Many stated they voted for the bond, however knowing what is occurring now, they would not vote that same way today.

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