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UP Resident Surveys

The City has scrapped the idea of involving the community when it comes to revisiting our 30 year old Master Plan, but residents will still be able to give important feedback through the annually sent general survey.

Be sure to complete your survey soon, the deadline is April 30th, 2018.

In 1989 the City engaged over 400 citizens providing information on 40 topics to 16 Task Forces led by 6 guiding principles for the purpose of charting a short and long term plan for the City. The City had a 40% return rate back in 1988 from the survey distributed to every household. Oh, how times have changed. Within the course of just weeks the city council turned on a dime and decided it wasn't in the best interest of the City to survey it's taxpayers.

In an article dated January, 28th from Park Cities People, the city announced it would not solicit community input.

'Items such as preserving neighborhood character, improving Snider Plaza, and cleaning up Turtle Creek were hallmarks of the plan. A new planning process would mimic what was done 30 years ago, but council members expressed concern that comments from construction-weary residents could lean negative.“Right now we aren’t going to get the right feedback,” Council member Gary Richard said. “I think we should wait'

Basically, the City would like input from residents, but only if that input meets with their approval.

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