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Community Comments

We would like to share just a few of the numerous, thoughtful and passionate emails we have received over the past two weeks since the grassroots group Concerned Park Cities Citizens was formed.

"Wow. Just so misleading and unfair. This is what they said UP on Lovers would look like. 2 stories. Drive by, does the frame look like this? "

"My name is (Name removed). My wife and I live at (address removed) Caruth Blvd. and I have lived in UP for over 20 years. Both of our children attended Hyer and I want to register my strong desire to see Hyer upgraded and not torn down. The reasons are many and it should be clear that our community would be better off not to take this school to a size that is neither necessary or appropriate, given the character and balance of the neighborhood now and in the foreseeable future.


This email was sent to the School Board members and cc'd to us.

"Hello Trustees,

After reading the February issue of the Park Cities People, I am thankful and hopeful to see the Concerned PC Citizens' ad. I am emailing, as a resident of 26 years with children that have graduated from HPISD, to agree further demolition must be rethought. We are a neighborhood not a suburb, and the new school frankly is an eyesore. I am afraid no matter how pretty you make the signs, the University Park elementary will look mammoth in our neighborhood. Furthermore with declining numbers, demolition seems over the top.

I look forward to the February 13th meeting.


"Hello, we are just seeing your flyer. How did the School Board meeting go? We want to support your cause as do several of our friends. We live on the (address removed) block of Greenbrier. Thanks!!"

"I was very concerned before the vote for the bond. Wish you all had organized then. Destroying all these historic elementary school in the Park Cities and building ugly cold monstrosities for the sake of high tech is sad."

"7:26 AM (1 hour ago)Yeah. Glad to hear there is a grassroots Movement . Count me in"

Keep the emails and comments coming, the community support is greatly appreciated!

Concerned Park Cities Citizen

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