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Hyer Neighbors ask HPISD School Board to 'Do the Right Thing'

The Dallas Morning News published an article today titled, "University Park residents concerned about 'skyscraper' of an elementary school". Members of Concerned Park Cities Citizens attended the monthly meeting in order to make public comments to the board, urging them to pause and rethink current plans involving the demolition two remaining elementary schools in HPISD.

Community members are beginning to realize that important decisions impacting the neighborhood are happening behind closed doors. Little to no input from residents with decisions landing solely in the hands of district trustees and administration.

One resident pointed out that the current board has the ability to correct the mistakes and poor decision making made by the past board. Another questioned the integrity and transparency of board members. More than one parent explained that, knowing what they know now, they would not have voted in favor of the bond.

What else are the trustees are keeping from their constituents?

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