November 2015 Bond Ballot

Excerpts from the FAQ Published by HPISD July 2015 (~3 Months Before the Bond Vote)


Where will elementary students go during rebuilding? The proposal calls for Bradfield, Hyer and University Park Elementary Schools to be rebuilt one at a time. While each school is rebuilt, the plan calls for each school’s student body to relocate to the new fifth elementary school for one school year, and then move back to its campus upon completion of the new building.


Bradfield, Hyer and University Park are historically significant facilities. What will be done to maintain their distinct character and will the new buildings fit into the neighborhood? The goal is for the architecture of each new elementary school to incorporate historical elements of the original buildings, to complement the surrounding neighborhood, and to reflect the character and history of HPISD. Community input will greatly influence the final designs of the schools.


Will all the new elementary schools be the same, or will they each be unique? Each school will be distinct and unique just as the site of each school is unique in its dimensions and  surroundings. The design of each school will aim to reflect the setting and history of each school.


Will the new buildings be two stories or three stories? Will Hyer remain a one story building? The design of the schools has not yet been determined, so this decision has not yet been made. The goal is for the scale of the buildings to be in keeping with the surrounding neighborhood, and to design the new buildings in a way that optimizes the site and maintains flexibility for the future. The district expects that renderings of the schools will be available in September or October, and that this decision will be made by that time [The October 2015 rendering of Hyer depicts a two-story structure as verbally confirmed by the Stantec architect].


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