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HPISD District Neighborhood Meeting for Hyer Elementary

HPISD hosted a meeting to inform and receive feedback from Hyer neighbors. Click to view the minutes

Hyer Neighborhood Meeting

Thursday, February 8th
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Fellowship Hall - UPUMC, 4024 Caruth Blvd.
Hyer is scheduled for demolition, and it may be replaced with a three story structure, like the new UP Elementary.
Engage now before it's too late. Come and hear from the growing number of residents concerned with traffic issues, property values and the architectural quality of our neighborhood.

UP City Council Meeting

Up coming UP City Council Meeting  
3400 University Blvd. 
City Hall Council Chamber
5:00 pm

UP City council meeting

University Park Elementary School Cafeteria 8385 Durham Street Dallas, Texas 75225
SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING Annual Briefing by the HPISD Board of Trustees to the City of University Park, Town of Highland Park, and representatives of the Dallas City Council on upcoming district issues

HPISD called meeting/Board Workshop

Security update from Chief of Police Mark Rowden was informative and timely. Discussion of the challenges the districts is facing concerning teacher attraction and teacher retention. Staff update on teacher salaries and competitive districts . . . . why other districts are able to pay more.

HPISD february school board meeting

An unusually large number of residents turned out to ask board members to PAUSE, RETHINK & ADJUST the district's plans to demolish Hyer elementary. The meeting was also covered by local media.

HPISD March school board meeting

Monthly School Board Meeting, 5:30pm 3555 Granada, HPMS in the 5/6 Assembly Room. Agendas are available 72 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.

January 16, 2018

Click above to visit the City's web site, where you can find meeting schedules and agendas under the Government tab. Important upcoming meetings include: 
4/10 Planning & Zoning
4/14 City Council
5/1   City Council 
5/15 Ctiy Council

January 12, 2017

Click above to visit the City's web site, where you can find meeting schedules and agendas under the Mayor & Town Council Tab. 

On December 11th the town council (item IV, H) 

Pending the Town Council's referring the request to the Zoning Commission, and the Zoning Commission's subsequent recommendation to the Council, a Town Council public hearing would be scheduled by the first  of March to receive the recommendation prior to the Council taking final action on the proposed amendments to the Planned Development site plan.   

The council will vote on this matter Monday, April 9th.

University Park residents concerned about 'skyscraper' of an elementary school

January 24, 2018

Next HPISD School Board Meeting April 17th

'Do the right thing'

"All during the bond process for the bond package, we were told that this would be a shared sacrifice and something that all of the three schools affected would be treated fairly the same," Bennett told the board. "As soon as the bond election occurred, it seems there were meetings that folks in the neighborhood didn't know about and decisions were made to change that."

He said keeping Hyer students at the fifth elementary school for two years is not only unfair to them, but to the Bradfield students who will not get to experience the fifth elementary school.

Community Meeting Information

December 16, 2017

Minutes from December Neighborhood Meeting hosted by HPISD. One troubling note at the bottom of page one . . . "Initial input collection (about the site)  December 2017-January2018.  Quite a speedy time table.
Page three does mention, "It is the district's goal to have another meeting with neighbors in the spring . . ."

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